Monday, October 15, 2012

Job Fell

Job fell ... deep into the darkness of his own suffering and pain.

It was a quick and traumatic fall, without warning. He woke that day like all other days. Ready to set about the work God had given him to do. Job was a faithful man, a good man. But that did not prevent him from tumbling down into the endless abyss. It was as if time stood still when he began to fall, his body stiff, frozen in numb confusion as the air was sucked from his aching lungs.

Suddenly all that was precious and dear to him rushed past as he plummeted deeper and deeper into his despair. There was nothing to grab onto, nothing to stop this frightening tumble into a reality that was breaking his heart.

Down, down he went.

He opened his mouth to scream out to God but not a whisper could be heard. Surely any moment he would hit bottom.

The fall continued, the pain seared his bones; it was all but unbearable.

He finally caught his breath and felt it through the agony.

What is it? What is encircling this aching body, this crushed heart; this withered soul?
What is this warmth that surrounds me?

Then I heard the voice calling into my darkness:

“My beloved child, it is I, Grace, who holds you in the midst of this. It is I, Love, who breathes life into your broken soul. It is I, Hope, who gently caresses your bruised heart. It is I who will not abandon you through this suffering.

Fall ... yes, you must.

But remember, no matter the breadth and depth of this pain you will always fall into the arms of my grace, which is sufficient.”

Gene M.
(c) All rights reserved

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