Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Confessions of Love and Longing

by Sue Joy

My Confessions of Love and Longing

Starts with noticing the deep connection sweet I don’t want to leave here sensation of discovering myself.

In that particular space I merge with unrecordable depth of delight that creator gifted me with moments of rapture.

Being able to measure this because of the seesaw of life. When I glide on grace through trauma and drama and autopilot situations that I dutifully get through in business or other essential human functioning.

But what shows itself is a strength I am surprised by and often seasoned with a good dose of Joy.

That joy is my humor to find the pondering of living life fully human with all the frailties weaknesses awkward moments days, weeks, months, years but grateful and enjoying the walk on the tightrope that is my soul doesn’t wear thin.

This is my inner self confession and I am Joyfully humorously very empathetic that I am me just as creator divined.